About Us

Aiki Jutsu is one of Japan’s oldest and most effective martial arts. Our club, Muromachi Koto Ryu has been established in Edinburgh for over 20 years and has been in Carrickvale Community Centre since 2004. We are a small club with links to a European organsation which allows us access to some of the worlds best martial artists.

We have both male and female instructors taking all classes. This martial art has no maximum age limits – our students’ ages range from
5 – 80 years of age! But don't worry, if you are 81 yrs, you are still welcome!!


Benefits of Aiki Jutsu...


Aiki Jutsu is a fun and exciting way to learn self defence quickly and effectively. It is an excellent way to keep fit and healthy and helps to build stamina, reduce stress and increase mental awareness.

Whilst training, you will learn open hand combat as well as the ancient arts of jojutsu (staff fighting), Itto ryu kenjutsu (samurai swords) and atemi jutsu (pressure point attacks).

We will also train you to use your natural, if not bizarrely magical, ki energy that allows even the smallest person to throw the biggest opponent with ease!

What Will I Learn?


You will learn basic techniques in order to defend yourself, moving onto dynamic throws and more complex disarming techniques using training weapons. The basic techniques are taught methodically and carefully in order to gain confidence in your own ability. You will also learn how to fall and land correctly in order to prevent injury. This will also aid your training in ground work where techniques are applied on your opponents whilst on the floor.

Traditional weapons work will also be taught from beginner level, using tanto, jo or bokken. Kata, or repeated movement, is also practised from the start. This helps you consolidate your techniques and is also an important part of the history of the martial art.