Aiki Jutsu is one of Japan’s oldest and most effective martial arts. Until relatively recently it was only taught to the high ranking senior military officers in Japan (Samurai Warriors). Aiki Jutsu was the forerunner to more familiar martial arts of Aikido, Judo and Karate and the Korean art of Hapkido.

Muromachi Koto Ryu was set up by Sensei Cass Campbell in 1992. Sensei Cass has trained with some of the great masters of Aiki Jutsu and Aikido.

Chief instructor John Monaghan has nearly 30 years of experience in Aiki Jutsu. As head of Muromachi Koto Ryu, Sensei John has earned the title Okuden Shihan. He began training in Aikido, attaining his 2nd Dan under the instruction of Senseis Dave and Don Mahon and with the late Sensei George Oughton. Shortly after he discovered the effectiveness of Aiki Jutsu which is his main art today. He has also studied Iaido and Kenjutsu since 1989. Sensei John met Muromachi Koto Ryu founder, Sensei Cass Campbell in 1996 when he moved to Edinburgh. He has studied with Sensei Cass ever since. Sensei John travels all over the world teaching and training with some of the most senior instructors in Aiki.

Senior Instructor Laura Monaghan has trained for 20 years. She has been an instructor for the past 12 years. Sensei Laura was awarded 4th Dan and the teaching rank of Joden Shihan. Sensei Laura is in charge of the junior classes and is club administrator. Laura is the highest ranked female in Muromachi Koto Ryu Aikijutsu in the UK.

Sensei Rob Storey, 4th Dan, has trained with Senseis Cass and John since 1999. He helps to run the weekend classes. Rob has a sports background having played rugby for many years and is now a Sports and Remedial Massage therapist. (www.bonesschiropractic.co.uk)