Kids Training

Junior Samurai classes are open to all children aged 5 years and over. Training children is different from older youths and adults in that for the youngest martial artists, training consists of games to help teach some of the basic skills.

Children learn to land correctly on the mat as well as forward and backwards rolls, blocks and target practise.

We spend time training the children to strike correctly only to ensure that they can defend these properly and effectively.

The Junior Samurai receive regular rewards such as stickers and badges to help motivation as well as belts when they pass their gradings. Gradings are usually done discretely so that nerves do not play a part for the children and they love getting a surprise announcement at the end of the training session!
Children also receive regular news letters – Samurai News with details of recent achievements or information about classes.

Each year we run an International Seminar in which the junior classes receive training from some of the other instructors from all over Europe. These are always well attended and are great fun!

Young Samurai Club