Adult Training

As a beginner, adults are often wary about starting a Martial Art due to movie style ideas of flying kicks and back flips! Whilst we would love to get you doing this, Aiki Jutsu does not require you to ever be able to do this!

Using your opponents momentum and movement, even the newest of beginners can throw, pin or disarm their training partner. As you progress through the gradings, confidence grows and the techniques become second nature making it ideal as self-defence.

More experienced martial artists can train at their own level learning and applying more complex fighting techniques.

Traditional wooden weapons such as jo (stick), bokken (samurai sword) and tanto (knife) are used to simulate modern day weapon attacks.

Aiki Jutsu is an ideal martial art for women as it does not require you to be stronger than your opponent to succeed. It teaches escape techniques as well as strikes and pins to immobilize your opponent.


Training Times/Costs and Location


Senior (13yrs +) and Adult Classes

Thursday 7-8pm £4 pay as you train (discounts for block payments)
Saturday 10.30-12 noon £5

Kids Classes

Thursday 6-7pm £3 pay as you train (discounts for block payments)
Saturday 10.30-11.30am £3

Training takes place at the Carrickvale Community Centre, 2 Saughton Mains Street, Edinburgh, EH11 3HH
Tel: 0131 443 6971

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